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Digital Building Surveys deliver accurate and reliable plans, sections and elevations of your building, to you specific requirements and budget.

Measured Building Surveys

Very little can happen on a building project involving an existing building until the building has been ‘digitally captured’. Designers, contractors, planning authorities, and developers all need plans, sections, and elevations of the existing building. Only then can reliable proposals be produced.

We offer a full range of reliable and accurate measured building surveys.  This is possible for any building or structure, ranging from small terraced houses to listed buildings, pubs, large hotels, factories, and multi-storey office blocks.

There can be a large difference in cost, depending on the level of detail required. So let us help you work out exactly what you are likely to need before we quote a fee.

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3D Building Surveys – ‘Point-cloud modelling’

In addition to 2D measured building surveys, we are able to provide 3D building models. These 3D surveys provide a permanent record with pin-point precision and clarity.

Freeware enables the model to be rotated and spun in ‘virtual space’ and viewed from any angle. Surveys of unreachable areas are carried out by drone and, where access is possible, by the more traditional tripod.

Our team is trained in Revit, the go-to industry Building Information Modelling (BIM) software is required to extract usable CAD drawings from the ‘point-cloud model’.

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Is 3D really the best option?


Or is it more of a ‘nice-to-have’?

There’s no doubt that 3D is fascinating and enables a ready understanding of how the building looks and works.   It can be used to wonderful effect to explain buildings to the public, for exhibitions, or for audio-visual presentation and television.  But limitations in software can make it an unaffordable luxury when it comes to providing useable CAD drawings for design.

Lack of understanding about the labour intensive process required to create digital plans via Revit can often give rise to significant unexpected costs.

In many instances, particularly where the budget is a key concern, 2D may be the more sensible option or perhaps something in between.

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